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Original Music Demo Reel

Original Music Demo Reel

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With excerpts from a variety of projects including:

Chasing Glaciers (web tv documentary by Matter Network), 

Save our Snow (short advocacy film by Clif Bar), 

The Moon's Milk (stop motion teaser by Ri Crawford), 

Scientia (horror film teaser by Stephan Amis), 

Greening the Empire State Building (advocacy video for RMI/Clinton Climate Initiative),  

Nourish (award-winning PBS educational series by Worldlink Productions), 

Matinee (fictional short by Blue Artichoke Films).

Full Film/Video Soundtrack Credits - Original Music Scores

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The Moon's Milk

An entirely handmade stop motion animated short by Ri Crawford.

Narrated by Tom Waits.  Toured festivals internationally.

Second Date

A Virtual Reality immersive 360° short by Blue Artichoke Films, Netherlands.  Director/Writer Jennifer Lyon Bell.

Award-winning PBS special by Worldlink, San Francisco.

Narrated by Cameron Diaz. Distributed nationwide to thousands of schools and shown at numerous film festivals. 

Writer, Director, Producer Kirk Bergstrom. Co-Producer Linda Davis.

Greening the Empire State Building
Short video by the Rocky Mountain Institute, Colorado.

Showed at the Empire State Building. Commentary by former President Bill Clinton.

Silent horror film teaser by Revolution Pictures, Australia. Director Stephan Amis.

Producers: Franziska Wagenfeld, Stephen Amis.

Award-winning independent short film by Blue Artichoke Films, Netherlands.

Toured festivals internationally. Director/Writer Jennifer Lyon Bell. Producer Cheryl Warbrook.

Save Our Snow
Original music score and music licensing for independent short film by Grease Not Gas with ClifBar and Unparalleled Productions, San Francisco. Writer, Director Josh "Bones" Murphy.

Shown at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival.

Chasing Glaciers
Original music score, sound design and mixing for a nearly real-time online TV show by Matter Network, San Francisco.

Abu Dhabi Special Update
Online news video by Matter Network, San Francisco.

Advocacy video for the Fisheries Conservation Foundation by Unparalleled Productions, San Francisco.

Short, independent silent film, San Francisco. Toured festivals in San Francisco and internationally.

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